Y-City News: New think tank looks to fight poverty in Muskingum County

When Melissa Rice walked into a room full of middle-class, college-educated professionals for a meeting meant to discuss the poverty related issues in Muskingum County, the single mom who works a part-time, minimum wage job didn’t think anyone there could understand the struggles she goes through on a daily basis.

Rice was one of a handful of locals living in poverty invited to take part in the inaugural session of the Zanesville Think Tank on Poverty (ZTTP).

The think tank derives from the Newark Think Tank on Poverty (NTTP) and consists of representatives from several charitable organizations throughout Muskingum county, such as Christ’s Table, South East Area Transit (SEAT), and Forever Dads, as well as experts on poverty who have lived through the many problems ZTTP aims to address.

Like NTTP, Zanesville’s think tank values the input from all socioeconomic backgrounds, but the opinions of those who come from the working and poor class are especially dominant.

With expertise coming from various backgrounds related to poverty, the group hopes to get to the bottom of the problems brought to the table and find real, attainable solutions that can make a long-term change for those facing hard times.


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