May Preview

Here is what's on the agenda for the May issue of the newsletter.

Public Transportation

Newark's public transit system has been a major topic of discussion at a number of our meetings. To bring more awareness to this topic, we will be reporting on the bus lines in Newark and her neighbor, Lancaster.

Reentry Summit Testimonies

On March 22nd, 2017, the Newark Think Tank on Poverty hosted the first Reentry Summit. The main event was a series of testimonies by citizens who endured incarceration, and the struggles they faced in reentering society. Two of the speakers, Dana Cashdollar and Christopher Wills, will be sharing with the newsletter their stories.

Book Report

We will be reading and sharing our notes for Brian Alexander's Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town. From the publisher's website:

In 1947, Forbes magazine declared Lancaster, Ohio the epitome of the all-American town. Today it is damaged, discouraged, and fighting for its future. In Glass House, journalist Brian Alexander uses the story of one town to show how seeds sown 35 years ago have sprouted to give us Trumpism, inequality, and an eroding national cohesion.

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  • Joshua Gingras
    Thanks for the comment, Cheryl. It was an empowering and short read. You are right in saying you do not need to be poor, incarcerated, or homeless to join our meetings. We are looking for people who want to be part of a systemic change, one that benefits all members of society — especially those living under duress. I hope you continue to read our newsletter, and I hope you encourage future readers to join our cause.
  • Cheryl Burchard Hickman
    Some things working on by the Newark Think Tank on Poverty Please try to attend some of the meetings. Bring friends with you. You only have to be willing to come to meetings to make a change. You don’t have to have been incarcerated, homeless or poor. Maybe you have been impacted by someone in the family. Just be you and willing to listen. See if you can be a part of the systemic change that needs made.