Notes from the Addiction and Recovery Town Hall


On Thursday, June 7th, the NTTP hosted its first Town Hall event at Newark High. We'd like to thank everyone who attended. Click below to see notes contributed by Lesha Farias.

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Thank You for Visiting Us at the Strawberry Festival!


The Newark Think Tank on Poverty pitched a tent at this year's Strawberry Festival, hosted by the Newark Kiwanis Club. In addition to gathering two-hundred signatures for the the Ohio Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment, we spoke with people from around Ohio about the addiction crisis, and invited everyone to our Town Hall on the 7th.

For those of you who showed an interest in attending a meeting, we hope to see you not only at the Town Hall, but the General Meeting on June 9th! If you have any questions about our organization and workings, drop a comment below and we'll answer it ASAP.

A big thank you to Think Tank members Chris, Eric, Allen, Lesha, Mary Ann, Stu, and Chuck for contributing their labor, and a big, big special thanks to Tonya Cooper for holding the fort Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Next Thursday: Addiction and Recovery Town Hall at Newark High School


Hello everyone, Josh here, just posting a reminder that the Newark Think Tank will be at Newark High School next Thursday, the 7th of June, hosting a Town Hall meeting. We have not only a great line-up of speakers, but a chance for you and any other citizen of Licking County to join a critical conversation. The wonderful flier made by Wendy Tarr has the rest of the details, but if you have a question, leave it in the comment box below and I'll make sure it gets answered.

Hope to see you there, and stay safe.

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Newark Think Tank on Poverty co-hosts Sam Quinones Event with Newark High School


On May 8th, the Newark Think Tank on Poverty, in collaboration with Newark High School, hosted an evening speech given by Sam Quinones, journalist and author of the nonfiction book Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate EpidemicThe book, which takes its title from the name of a summer gathering center in Portsmouth, Ohio, tells the story of the opioid epidemic's beginnings in the Rust Belt.

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Justice #2: Addiction Requires Treatment, Not Punishment

The second issue of Justice is now available. You can download a .pdf version by clicking here. 



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The Think Tank at Denison: Speakers share their experiences with predatory lenders


On February 8th, 2017, members of the Newark Think Tank on Poverty shared their experiences with payday loans, title lenders, and rent-to-own businesses. 

This event was coordinated and hosted by our friend and ally, Fahdel Kaboub, Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University. NTTP Members Ellanor, Donna, Chris, and Chuck were the speakers.

Below is a list of what I learned, taken from notes during the event, with links to articles if you are interested in learning more. If they bring you any wisdom, give a big thanks to the speakers for helping us understand these unethical but legal practices.

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A Report from the February General Meeting


On February 10th, 2018, the Think Tank held its first General Meeting of the year.

This GM, lead by Lesha Farias, was more of a class on the most basic and important activist tool, the One-to-One, than a formal meeting.

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What is the Disease of Despair?


I have found myself using the term “disease of despair” and “deaths from despair” in the past four months since another Think Tank member used it in email correspondence, without even knowing what it concretely referred to.

After some prodding, I put together a quick definition and history of the term. For Think Tank members and allies ignorant of this term, much like myself, I hope this provides for you an intellectual tool when conversing about the systemic causes of the rising drug abuse we have witnessed, and are witnessing, in Licking County.

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NTTP at the Women's March in Newark


The first Women's March in Newark was held downtown on January 20th.

Organized by Jen Kanagy of Licking County Revolution, in collaboration with Garry Goldsmith of Working Families First, over 200 people attended to hear women from different cultural and economic backgrounds voice opposition to sexist, racist, and classist violence, followed by a march around the courthouse square.

The Think Tank and Justice’s own Lesha Farias was one of the speakers. We have included her speech below, along with more reporting of the event.

Another march is planned for 2019.

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The Think Tank in 2017


As you might have noticed, for us on the Justice team, the month of January has been about working off the Holiday dinners and picking up the pace with our blog posts.

So, for those of you actively checking in, thanks, and keep coming back, we’re getting better at this!

Now that we are in the zone, I wanted to share with you all a “Think Tank in 2017” highlight sheet that made the rounds at our last Leadership meeting.

And before we begin, all of us here at Justice would like to recognize every one of our brothers and sisters in the Think Tank who have activated and organized with us throughout 2017.

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