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Y City News: New Think Tank looks to fight poverty in Muskingum County

Newark Advocate: Addiction Town Hall: We're coming together to solve a problem.

Newark Advocate: United Way's Hope Award winner: From homeless to helping others

Newark Advocate: Community advises more coping skills needed to combat addiction

10TV: Addicted and nowhere to turn: County seeks solutions to drug epidemic

Newark Advocate: Let's talk about the plight of housing instability in Licking County

Newark Advocate: Through addiction and prison, Newark man works to reunite with son



The Columbus Dispatch: New Delaware residential program o1ers hope for addicts

Catholic News Service: Ohio think tank gives people a much-needed voice in overcoming poverty

Opponents Of Violent Offender Registry Say Bill Will Not Improve Public Safety



Newark Advocate: 'Orange' author visits county to talk about re-entry

Denison Magazine: From the Inside Out

Truthout: Fighting for Seats at the Table: A Poor People's Movement in a Rustbelt Town

The Columbus Dispatch: Newark poised to join entities dropping ‘felon’ box

The Columbus Dispatch: Newark takes criminal inquiry off job forms

Newark Advocate: Think tank tackles addiction solutions



Newark Advocate: Local documentary 'Up River' focuses on area Think Tank

Newark Advocate: Event educates locals about the Ohio Fair Hiring Act

Newark Advocate: Fight to 'Ban the Box' Continues

Newark Advocate: Newark to vote Monday on giving inmates second chance

Newark Advocate: People with felony records struggle to find work

10TV: Push For States To "Ban The Box" On Job Applications

Newark Advocate: Scraping by: The paycheck­to­paycheck life



Newark Advocate: Newark Think Tank focuses on Poverty

Newark Advocate: Think Tank moving toward community action


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