The Advocate: Event educates locals about the Ohio Fair Hiring Act

(Photo: Anna Jeffries/The Advocate)

Billie Bibow has been applying for jobs for eight years and has never gotten an interview.

She's been forced to take odd jobs — including spinning a sign on the side of the road for $5 an hour — to support her son.

Bibow grew up working on cars and would love to become a mechanic. But every time she fills out a job application, she has to check the box admitting she has a criminal record.

The choices she made when she was a teenager resulted in several felonies, which have kept her from finding steady employment.

So when she found out the Newark Think Tank on Poverty was planning a luncheon Thursday, bringing county leaders and employees together to talk about House Bill 56 — also known at the Ohio Fair Hiring Act — she knew she wanted to be part of the conversation.

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